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Foam Unit

Foam Unit​

The Richbond High Resilience (HR) foam factory produces various types of foam, including conventional foam, high-resilience foam, and memory foam, used in various applications.
Annually, the factory produces 7500 to 8000 tons of various foam types utilized in mattresses, sofas, and couches. Precision-controlled machines transform materials into foams of different densities and hardness.

Following a 24-hour stabilization stage, laboratory quality controls ensure compliance with international standards. The foam is then cut into various shapes to meet customer needs, providing a high-quality product for different applications.
Fabrics unit

Fabrics unit​

Tramextyl is a factory specializing in the manufacturing of yarns, upholstery fabrics, and mattress ticking. A rigorous production process unfolds across several key stages, ranging from polypropylene yarn extrusion to the dispatch of fabrics ready for use in the crafting of mattresses and sofas.

Tramextyl stands out for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring a complete production chain from raw materials to the finished product. This factory holds a prominent position in the furniture industry due to its well-orchestrated manufacturing process and the quality mastery of its products.

Mattress unit

Mattress unit​

Big Bed is a factory specialized in the production of mattresses and benches since 1965. Focused on quality and compliance, our manufacturing process incorporates automated and semi-automated lines, producing up to 1000 mattresses and 1000 linear meters of benches/day. Certified ISO 9001, our factory prioritizes eco-responsibility by recycling textile and foam scraps.

Our vision of continuous improvement includes projects such as autonomous maintenance and future investments in embroidery and pocket spring assembly machines to enhance our competitiveness.

With 60 years of experience, we position ourselves as a major player, providing a customer experience aligned with European standards.
Furniture Unit

Furniture Unit​

Furniture factory, led by the Business Unit RHC (Richbond Hospitality and Contract), specializes in furniture and interior design, with a focus on the hospitality sector and a recent development of a furniture collection for export.

Founded in 1987, it has diversified its activities since exporting Moroccan lounges to the hospitality industry in 2006. With over 80% of revenue coming from hospitality, it offers a diverse range, from bedrooms to common areas. The facilities, equipped with modern machinery, ensure versatile and adaptable production, supported by an in-house industrial office. The carpentry produces mixed lines, and a dedicated line manufactures 100 sofas/day.

Certified ISO 9001, the factory aims to increase its production capacity through investments and the construction of a new plant (target of 500 sofas/day). Vertical integration, the flexibility of the design office, and process mastery strengthen its position in the international market.
Bed linen Unit​

Bed linen Unit​

Explore the captivating world of Filinge, a leader in bed linen since 2008. Specialized in the production of pillows, duvets, and padding products, this innovative factory is expanding its reach through export initiatives with automation and Industry 4.0 projects.

Certified ISO 9001, it relies on proximity, responsiveness, and expertise to conquer the European market. To learn more about this success story and its exciting projects, click on "More Details"! Join us for a journey dedicated to the creation of exceptional bedding.

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